Hello world!

In this blog I will review movies, TV shows and books. Usually new or newish releases. Once a week (on thursdays) I’ll post a review of an older tv show episode, movie or book. You may find that I review different things than other blogs and websites do because I tend to review what I like. If it doesn’t appeal to me I’m probably not going to attempt to watch it just to give it a bad review regardless of how popular it is. That doesn’t mean I won’t review popular things. Just that other things will appear, too.

Tv Shows, Authors, Actors and Directors I like
(to give you an idea of what to expect)

The X Files
Falling Skies
The Librarians
Danny Boyle
Cameron Crowe
Guillermo Del Toro
The Strain
The Walking Dead
Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
John Cusack
Richard Linklater
Zack Snyder
Vin Diesel
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Neil Gaiman
Patricia Briggs
Laurell K Hamilton
Doctor Who
David Tennant
Alfred Hitchcock
Christian Kane
Once Upon A Time
Jeremy Renner
Hemlock Grove


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hellooo!! Loved all your reviews. Especially about 2 1/2 Men. I watched until the end just because I wanted to see a good train wreck. Personally I hate when they substitute with cartoonish characters because it makes it distracting and even more ridiculous. They failed big time on this one. No surprises when they all decided to stay in the house together at the very end. Yawn. Lol.

    I have always liked the Librarians but missed out on this last one.

    Big Bang Theory is usually always good but something seems to be lacking lately to me. I think they need to throw a few shockers into it.

    Most of the others I have not watched.

    I would love to hear your comments on Supernatural. That show just keeps getting better in opinion.

    Criminal Minds is lost without Ziva. Not a fan of the new Probie. No sparks with Dinozo anymore. Blah

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    1. I’m not caught up on Supernatural. I stopped watching it for years and haven’t gotten back up to date yet. I think I’m on Season 8 at the moment. Once I’m caught up I’ll start reviewing the new episodes. Probably won’t be until next season. I’m considering doing reviews of old episodes of TV shows as a tbt thing on Thursdays. Maybe I’ll do a Supernatural review of an older episode for that this week or next week.

      The Librarians TV show is awesome. And it got renewed for second season. So, you should definitely watch it. I’m sure it will be on Netflix and Amazon Prime and Hulu soon (if it isn’t already).


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