Week In Review 2/15/2015 – 2/21/2015

Sunday 2/15/2015

The Walking Dead

This episode was a lot of walking….and talking….and looking dirty and thirsty. Oh and one creepy reminder that the other living humans are much scarier than the zombies. I can’t even summarize this episode because there just isn’t a whole lot going on. They walk, they look miserable, they talk and they act dramatic. Yes, I know people have died. I know they are feeling aimless and hopeless but come on? This gets old. I don’t like the artsy weird shit they are doing this season. I didn’t like the dutch angles at the end of the last episode of the first half of this season and I haven’t liked any episode from the second half of this season. That said, this episode was a vast improvement over last weeks weird video collage acid trip. So, it’s getting better..I guess but last season was so much better. Last season even the episodes that seemed aimless had good character development and some overall purpose. This season is whiny and over indulgent at best and down right boring at worst. But hey, at least this episode showed SOME promise. And the end was interesting.

Monday 2/16/2015

Jane The Virgin
Chapter Fourteen

I really like this show. I do but despite the little summaries that the narrator gives before each episode I really think this is one show that you can’t just start watching in the middle. It’s gotten so convoluted that there is more catching up than there is new stuff introduced. Which, I guess, is actually a really good way to fill space and make it seem like more happened than it did…Anyway, I DO really like this show. This was a pretty eventful episode. Jane (and company) finds out who Sin Rostro is. Rogelio has to choose between two new jobs. The episode ends with Jane also being presented with a decision to make. There are a lot of decisions in this episode. Its definitely a theme here…….I think this show may be better off binge watched.

Tuesday 2/17/2015

New Girl

Jess and her friends take a trip to Portland for her Dad’s wedding but Ryan is a no-show. Prompting the gang to try to cheer Jess up by going with her on her planned tour of her hometown. It’s a cute episode but mostly I left it with two observations. The girl that plays the young version of Cece is the best casting ever. She looks exactly like Hannah Simone, who plays present day Cece. And WOW Jared Leto and Zooey Deschanel really look a LOT alike.

About A Boy
About A Boyfriend

Marcus asks Shea to be his girlfriend. This goes about the way you’d expect it too. Its sweet and funny. Much like every episode of this show. Really. I can’t review sitcoms in detail. Its a sitcom. Unless it sucks there isn’t much to say in review.

Wednesday 2/18/2015

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit
Undercover Mother

The detectives meet a woman trying to find her daughter by working undercover as a madam. Her daughter was kidnapped at 13 years old, 3 years prior to the episodes event. It’s a good episode with enough twists to keep it interesting and a few surprises. Plus, Lili Taylor, who played the mother, is always awesome. Crime dramas are another type of show that are often hard to review unless its a really amazing special episode. Most of the episodes are enjoyable, intriguing and very similar to each other.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
The Gang Misses The Boat

The gang try to take a trip but miss their boat (literally). They then split up to pursue different endeavors. Dennis tries to sell his land rover that he ran into the river.
Mac goes clubbing, at a surprisingly realistic looking club. Clubs on TV always look awesome. Most clubs in real life look sparsely populated and awkward. The club Mac goes to falls into the more realistic awkward category. While it may be an odd thing to be impressed by – I was impressed. Frank finds a new bar owned by a new gang and Dee and Charlie spend some quality time together. While, the amazingly impressive Charlie Work will no doubt remain the best episode of the season (possibly the best episode of the series) this episode isn’t bad. This show doesn’t really have any bad episodes.

Thursday 2/19/2015

Big Bang Theory
The Comic Book Store Regeneration

The comic book store gets ready to reopen. Sheldon learns how to “let it go” with shockingly no Frozen jokes (at least not that I caught). Mrs Wolowitz also dies (off camera, of course). The actress that does the voice of Mrs Wolowitz died back in November. So, it isn’t shocking that they would decide to kill of the character eventually. Again, not much I can say about most sitcom episodes..most are just kind of the same thing over and over. Which is okay. Thats what makes them fun and enjoyable.

Two and A Half Men
Of Course He’s Dead Part 1 and Part 2

The series finale of the long running sitcom is a two parter mostly focused on what really happened to Charlie (without Charlie Sheen ever appearing). Its chock full of meta-jokes and nods towards the show’s criticism and controversy. The actors don’t even seem to be in character most of the time and they do everything from make references to the show itself (Rose at one point when told to start at the beginning says “you mean the Pilot?”) to look directly at the audience/camera after a joke. One scene even completely sums up the shows plot (and makes fun of its implausibility). I was glad they pointed out that Jake wasn’t dumb to begin with (but it turns out dumb is funnier). Jake also makes an appearance as do a hand full of random celebrities and a few other past characters. Its not an amazing episode. Its kind of ridiculous. All the actors act more like themselves than their characters and the entire episode pretty much serves no purpose buuut it isn’t awful. It has its funny moments. I didn’t feel like I wasted time watching it or anything. Although, I do think they could’ve done better for the last episode. *shrug*

The Odd Couple

Remember what I said before about how sitcoms are hard to review unless they suck..Yeah..about that…I really wanted to like this show. I loved the original and Matthew Perry is perfect casting for Oscar. But…and it is a big BUT…the show is not funny. Its awkward and why is the laugh track used SO much? And the timing of the jokes is always off and the jokes themselves aren’t really jokes. And OH MY GOD whhyyyy is the laugh track used so much. It’s very distracting and it just emphasizes how not funny the jokes are. “Wow that’s a lot of lycra..(laugh track)…not enough but a lot (laugh track),” That was the funniest joke in the episode. Yes, I know it isn’t funny. Thats how bad this show was. The writing, directing and editing are all…just….bad. I don’t even know how this show got picked up. I’m hoping it gets better after this episode. It has potential. The actors are good. The casting is perfect. If it just stops trying to mimic the style and timing of the old series, which does not work on a modern show, and tones down the laugh track (both in volume and quantity) it might actually be funny. Maybe. It certainly isn’t likely to get worse.


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