My Review: Forever “Memories of Murder” 2/24/2015

*Spoilers included*

I love this show. I love everything about it. Even the voiceover, a gimmick I usually hate, is perfect. The whole show feels classic even though it is very new. Which fits perfectly with the storyline itself.

Doctor Henry Morgan is a 200 years old immortal working as a Medical Examiner in New York City. This is the underlining story line for the show but each episode is basically an average crime drama. Its Bones meets Highlander. Its very well written and fun but also manages to hit the right emotional keys as well as the creepy ones on occasion. Its one of my favorite new shows (second only the The Librarians). That said, this isn’t one of its best episodes.

Emily Kinney, most well known as the recently departed Beth from The Walking Dead, guest stars in a bland and predictable role. She’s barely in the episode but since she is well enough known for her appearance to make the promo material you KNOW she is important to the story and if she is important but barely in the episode then its obvious that she is the killer. Not much mystery there. Its through no fault of Kinney’s that her character is boring. Its the fault of the writers. Which is sad since for most of her tenure on WD she suffered the same fate.

There are under currents to the episode (like there are in all of them) involving Henry comparing his past to the details in the case and those are interesting as they reveal some more pieces to the puzzle that is his former wife. The case itself, involving a woman dressed in 100% authentic garb from 1979 who is murdered, isn’t particularly intriguing.

Although, the reappearance of the dominatrix that Henry is interested in is… fairly……titillating. I do like her.

The episode over all just isn’t memorable. It’s not boring or awful but its not a highlight from the season so far, either. This show’s worst episodes are still vastly better than the best episodes of most television shows on the air right now.

The next episode seems to be centered on Abe’s back story again. Those tend to be favorite episodes of mine. Although, I also think they should get back to some of the fantasy elements of the show (Henry hasn’t died and come back in awhile…I miss that). The best episodes meld the fantasy and the drama perfectly and sprinkle it with a bit of dry humor. I hope for more of those episodes soon.

Quote of the Week

“The only way you can really understand someone’s fantasy is to inhabit it”


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