My Reviews: The Walking Dead “The Distance” 2/22/2015

The Walking Dead
The Distance

*Spoilers for this and past recent episodes*

Wait…didn’t we do this already? I think the gated community thing has been done to death already. Between the Governor’s Woodbury and Terminus this is well covered ground. So, I already dislike where this story is going but I’ll try to ignore that for now to review the rest.

Way to go, Rick! I was sick of hearing that guy’s monologue, too. After all of their past experiences WHY exactly is everyone besides Rick so damn eager to go to this guy’s community? It’s clearly a bad idea. Even if its technically safe, which I doubt, its still a bad idea because they have no way to know and no reason to trust that it will be safe there. It’s like they’ve learned nothing from past experience.

I mean, I’m not beyond seeing what is the likely an attempt by the writers to show the groups struggle to stay positive and trusting. Daryl especially shows the heavy weight left by seeing his symbol of hope and trust and all things shiny and bright being shot in the head not that long ago. I get that the agreement to go to this community is the group trying to still believe that there are good people out there and that they can’t hate everyone or else what point is there to survive. I get it but..

They DO want to survive and in this world the other living humans are a much more dangerous evil than the walkers. They (and we) were JUST reminded of this last week when Maggie found a woman tied up (and now a walker) in the trunk of a car. Chances are she wasn’t a walker when she was tied up…and even if she is was…its still fucking creepy. And a living person put her there. For all they know some of the members of this community or even this guy himself left her there. They do not know (and neither do we). The man from the new community himself said it, they are survivors. They won’t stay that way trusting people. They’re barely staying alive as it is. Two episodes ago, the show killed off one character in what was the most negligent pointless death I have seen on this show since Lori died (although that was fine because god I hated her). They can’t afford to trust everyone. So, I’m with Rick on this one …the guy shouldn’t be trusted. It isn’t worth the risk. They shouldn’t attempt going to this community.

But they are going. Because of course they are.

This season isn’t making me happy at all. I loved last season but this one is disappointing. That said, this episode is better than the last episode and the last episode was better than the one before that. So, its improving again and as much as I haven’t liked this season the show still isn’t at it’s worst. So, I’m not REALLY complaining. Not yet, anyway.

Quote of The Week

“Just because we’re good people, doesn’t mean we won’t kill you”


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