Libraries and Getting Excited Over Little Things

This isn’t a review post. I’ll post things like this on occasion.

I love the library. It use to be where I went if I got stressed. I’d wander around and pick out books and movies to check out and it would relax me. I don’t always read every book I check out. Usually I’m lucky if I get to read 1 or 2 of them but I still enjoy going. Its a lot harder to go browse with a 4 month old baby that hates people. So, I don’t go just to wander around very often. Instead I search for and request books online and then just pick them up.

A while ago I submitted a ton of books to the library as suggestions for books they should order. I gave lengthy explanations for why they should order them. Apparently they took a lot of my suggestions. I just saw that several of them appeared in my Holds list with me as the first person in the Queue to receive them when they’re available. This made me oddly proud. Because of me other people will get to check out and read these books. I mean, yeah someone else may have requested them eventually anyway but still. I was the first person to request them and now they’re getting them. That feels like am accomplishment to me. Plus, i’m just excited i’ll get to read these books soon.

Boyhood: 12 Years On Film by Matt Lankes and Richard Linklater
Otherworld Nights by Patricia Briggs
Ten Years in the Tub by Nick Hornby
Tales From The Nightside by Simon R Green


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