tbt review: Supernatural 705 “Shut Up, Dr. Phil”

Episode 705: Shut up, Dr. Phil!

This is the first review in a series of weekly reviews I’m going to do. My #tbt reviews will be of old TV show episodes, old movies or old books. By old, I mean anything not a current episode or fairly new release. I chose this show because I was asked about it in a comment on another post. I don’t review the new episodes because I’m still behind on the series. Once I’m caught up I’ll start watching and reviewing the new episodes. I chose this episode because its not far from where I am in the series (I’m a few episodes past this) and its a really fun episode that comes before a lot of depressing stuff. Plus, it has the awesome guest stars from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.

So, Sam and Dean head to Prosperity, Indiana where Don and Maggie Stark, in the middle of a bitter divorce, are wrecking havoc. Apparently, when both halves of a couple are witches divorces are really ugly.

Its a love story with a body count. The Starks are likable. They’re not the first likable villain in this show (not even the first in this season) but they are my favorite because they’re played by Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters, Otherwise known as Cordelia Chase and Spike from Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Angel. And there are shades of Cordelia and Spike in these characters. Maggie Stark acts entitled, a bit snobby and has the air of classy confidence that Cordelia always had. Don Stark isn’t really like his wife. He has the relaxed sexy edge of Spike. He reminds me a lot of Spike actually. Just with money and minus the bleached hair and English accent. He even has Spike’s jealousy and romantic streak. From what I’ve read about this episode none of that is accidental. The creators behind it are fans of Buffy and big fans of Spike.

Anyway, back to the episode, The Starks have been together for 800 years. So, they have a lot of history and a lot of love for each other. And when love that strong goes bad….people die. It’s a really fun episode (despite the body count…or maybe because of it…depends on who you ask I guess). There isn’t any deep purpose to the story. No real meaning and it doesn’t deep effect the shows mythology or future. Its just a fun little stop over before the next time the shit hits the fan. The only carry over into the rest of the season is the Leviathan that Don Stark helps the boys kidnap at the end of the episode. I’m a sucker for Monster of the Week episodes. I always loved them best on The X Files and I love them best on Supernatural. I like enjoyable to watch episodes with no emotional strings that will leave me depressed and unable to sleep and this is definitely lacking in strings.


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