Week in Review 2/22/15 – 2/26/15

Recaps and Reviews of shows I watched this week but didn’t have enough to say about for a whole stand alone review.

New Girl
417 Spiderhunt

Cece tries to hide that she is still in love with Schmidt. Nick makes a family sauce recipe. And the whole gang try to find a spider in the apartment. I must admit I’ve been rather luke warm on this show the last two season. I don’t hate it. It’s still amusing enough to watch but I rarely find an episode that actually stands out and sticks in my memory. *shrug*

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
1007 Mac Kills His Dad

Mac takes lead on this episode as he tries to prove his Dad is innocent of a murder he was arrested for. He enlists Charlie’s help (even though Charlie thinks the guy is guilty). The rest of the gang do….things…stuff happens. It’s funny but not the best episode ever. I don’t think any episode will top Charlie Work for me this season. It just isn’t possible.

Law & Order: SVU
1616 December Solstice

Two women come into SVU to report that their 80 year old father is being drugged with erectile dysfunction meds and being raped by his much younger wife who wants to get pregnant so that she inherits more of his money. Everything isn’t quite as clear as it seems to be, though. The more interesting storyline is who Baby Noah’s father is but they only briefly mention this after the revelation last week. I’m assuming they are saving it for the season finale (unless that was the season finale…..no more episodes are listed on IMDB….if thats the case then that’s a shitty finale). I’m both eager and afraid of where this story is going.

The Big Bang Theory
816 The Intimacy Acceleration

Sheldon and Penny do the Arthur Aron experiment that is suppose to make you fall in love. An experiment where you answer 36 personal questions and then stare in each others eyes for two minutes. Aron supposedly made two strangers fall in love with this experiment. The experiment is interesting and the scenes with Penny and Sheldon are very sweet. The B story with the rest of the gang at a zombie themed lock room where they lock you in a room and you have to solve puzzles to escape wasn’t as fun to watch. I would have preferred the whole episode follow Sheldon and Penny doing the Aron experiment.

The Odd Couple
102 The Ghostwriter

Well, It’s better than the pilot. The laugh track is still overused but it sounds slightly quieter. A couple jokes actually almost made me laugh. It’s an improvement over the painful to watch pilot……but I’ll be shocked if its good enough to keep it on the air. It still has a long way to go. It feels aimless and its not a show that works being aimless. It isn’t Seinfeld or Always Sunny In Philadelphia. That’s part of what’s wrong with it. It would be a lot better were there not so many superior sitcoms to compare it to.


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