TV Review: The Walking Dead 512 “Remember”

The Walking Dead
512 Remember

Rick and the gang enter the community in Alexandria. They’re all visibly hesitant and don’t trust the safety of the place. The more perfect it seems (solar power, running water, fancy houses, secure fences) the less trustworthy the place feels.

Andrew Lincoln, who I previously believed to be not that great of an actor, has actually been showing the last couple seasons that he is capable of being impressive. In this episode (and several others) Rick shows a subtle desperation to survive that is bordering on insanity and it fits perfectly with what he has been through and who he started out as.

Once they’re introduced into the community, have all been interviewed (and recorded) and start getting cleaned up it’s…..odd. Seeing them all clean (well not all of them….Daryl seems to forego a shower) just doesn’t fit. It makes me think more and more that this is all going to fall apart. Although, it’s to bad Beth didn’t make it this far. She would have liked this place.

Carol lies in her video interview. She seems to be playing a part, the part of perfect housewife…maybe the part she wanted to be real before all of this happened. She talks about her husband as he were a good man. She acts as if she can’t protect herself (even though she is definitely one of the strongest and most capable people in the group) She acts chipper toward Daryl. He seems to notice that she is acting off, tells her her clothes look ridiculous. She is probably doing this to earn the communities trust and to ensure they have their guard down around her so she can learn things that would be hidden from the others.

Carol is the only one trying to act soft (although even she mentions not wanting the place to make them soft). The rest are themselves and seem at odds with the people in the community, most of whom have been sheltered from the worst of things. Rick and all of his group show signs of PTSD and they really don’t fit in to this community. Glenn says they have “almost” been out there to long but he is wrong. They have already been out there to long. They all survived because they are survivors but survivors aren’t always the most well adjusted people.

Daryl seems ready to bolt at any moment. He fit in to the post apocalyptic wasteland fighting to survive. He doesn’t seem to feel comfortable in these expensive modern houses with all the conveniences any of them could ask for. In his interview he states that Carl and Judith (he calls them “the boy and the baby”) deserve a roof when he is asked if he wants to be in the community. Which seems to say that he doesn’t want to be there and doesn’t feel like he deserves a roof…or maybe just doesn’t want a roof. He is rarely shown inside. He seems to stay on the porch of the house all the time. Mostly he is just shut down since Beth died. It may take him a while to recover from that. Someone needs to give him a purpose to exist, I think. He isn’t assigned a job in the community in this episode. I think he should be a cop or the leader of a group that goes on runs. He is loyal to Rick. He will help if they stay regardless of how he feels about the place.

It isn’t just Daryl that seems most comfortable outside. Carl and Rick seem the most alive when they venture outside the community and take on a group of walkers (mostly for the hell of it…since they probably could have easily got away from them).

The episode focuses mostly on Rick but covers a little of Carol, Michonne, Daryl, Carl and Glenn. Carl meets a girl his age who was also outside the community. He seems to like her but he thinks most of the community is weak. Glenn clashes with the son of the leader of the community. He also sees the community members as weak. They all seem to want to stay, though. The other characters aren’t given much coverage. I assume that will come later.

I liked this episode. Its the first one I’ve liked in a while. I didn’t expect to like them being in this community but after the weird experimental style of the first couple episodes of this season they seem to be settling into a normal story telling style again. So, I think the experimental hard to follow episodes were intended to exaggerate the unknown outside world and to mirror the groups uncertainty of purpose after Beth died. I’m hoping they don’t return to that style again for whatever reason.

This episode was called Remember. Next weeks episode is called Forget. I’m really not sure where they are going with this and I do feel like the community thing has been done to death BUT this is the first time the whole group has been together in a community. So, I guess it is different. I’m sure it still won’t work out but its hard to blame the group for trying it out and I can understand why the writers would want to show the whole group together in a community. My reservations about the show has gone for now with this episode since it was enjoyable and held my attention. Hopefully, the rest of the season are of this quality or better.

Quote of the Week

“We won’t get weak. That’s not in us anymore. We’ll make it work. If they can’t make it….then we’ll just take this place.”
– Rick Grimes


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