TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episode 412 “Darkness on the Edge of Town”

So, I didn’t watch the last two episodes of Once Upon a Time. I didn’t intend to not watch them. I just didn’t know they existed. I thought the last episode I watched was the mid-season finale. Apparently, I was wrong. I would go back and watch the two episodes I missed but in all honestly I found the first half of this season mind numbingly boring. Emma holding back from Hook was frustrating as hell and the Frozen storyline was repetitive and slow. I’ve gathered from this that the Frozen stuff is over and Gold is evil again. I don’t think I really need to know anymore than that. If I’m mistaken and should watch what I missed feel free to let me know and I’ll go back and watch them but….eh…for now I think I’ll just not bother.

In the second half of the season’s premiere Gold teams up with Ursula and Cruella and works to return to Story Brooke. Hook and Belle find a way to free the fairies and Regina continues her quest to find the Author and get her happy ending.

I find it hard to review this show at the moment. I just can’t seem to really get into it anymore. I WANT to still love it as much as I use to but since the end of last season, when Hook told Emma he traded his ship to save her, everything has been down hill. I loved that episode or more specifically that moment in that episode. I loved the entire Hook and Emma story progression up until that moment but that moment was the pentacle and everything since then hasn’t held my interest. I’ll keep watching it with the hope that it starts holding my interest again but until it does it is probably going to be in my Week in Review posts and not get posts all of its own.

Once Upon A Time comes on at 8pm on Sunday nights on ABC.

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