TV Review: Secrets & Lies 101 The Trail & 102 The Father

I really wanted to like this show. It was filmed in and around Wilmington North Carolina where I live. In fact a lot of it was filmed across the street from the house I was living in at the time it was shooting. And it honestly isn’t a bad show. Its not. It’s well shot and the acting is good and the writing seems competent so far.

Although some of the reveals and twists are rather predictable. It does have its moments of unexpected story moves. If you watch enough shows like this it really is hard for shows to do anything that you don’t see coming. So, I don’t fault the show for the things I can predict.

The show itself is about the murder of a little boy in a small town. It’s very very similar to Gracepoint. And honestly that is the problem I have with it. I liked Gracepoint more. A lot more. Gracepoint had better cinematography and the acting was even better and so was the writing. It isn’t Secrets & Lies fault that another show was better though and lucky for them Gracepoint didn’t get a ton of viewers or attention. So, a lot of people won’t have that problem with it. For me though, thats my biggest issue. I preferred Gracepoint.

One drastic difference from Gracepoint is that this show seems to stay with the POV of a citizen (Ryan Phillippe playing Ben Garner, the man who found the little boy who was murdered) whereas Gracepoint jumped POV around a lot but with a definite focus on the two police detectives. Also the police on Secrets & Lies, the lead of which is played by Juliette Lewis, are infinitely more annoying. This may seem that way mostly because we are only seeing the one character, who is being hounded by the police, POV. If they don’t expand the points of view shown or cut back on how much the police badger this character it is going to get grating and repetitive. So, hopefully they do something to avoid that.

I’ll keep watching. Its worth watching. I’d even recommend it to other people who like this type of show. You do have to like the slower moving murder mystery shows for this to be your cup of tea, though. It’s drama not action or even thriller. Don’t expect something like Blacklist or Criminal Minds. Its a very slow, dramatic show and it isn’t as good as the very similar Gracepoint but it isn’t bad and Gracepoint isn’t returning (and I’m less fond of the show Gracepoint was adapted from, Broadchurch). So, its worth watching to see where it goes.

Secrets & Lies comes on Sunday nights at 9pm on ABC.


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