TV Review: The Last Man On Earth 101 Alive in Tucson/ 102 The Elephant in the Room

I like post apocalyptic shows/movies/books. I’ve always been drawn to them (like a lot of people are). So, I’ve enjoyed their recent popularity that has resulted in so many shows/movies/books with post-apocalyptic settings. The vast influx of end of the world set media has made a lot of it seem redundant though.

I give them all a chance and I’ve liked a few of them. I really liked Revolution, though and it didn’t stick around long enough to conclude its story. Jericho didn’t last long either (although it did continue in comics). It seems if zombies aren’t involved these shows just don’t last very long. Which gives me very little hope for a comedy with a post apocalyptic set television show. But that said..

This show is funny. It starts out well. There is no detailed back story given. We are given snippets of information and really all you need to know is that everyone died of a virus and this one guy, Phil, played by Will Forte, did not. It’s pretty simple storyline wise.

The first episode is funnier than the second. Its funnier watching Phil talk to himself than it is watching him argue with the woman he finds, Carol, played by Kristen Schaal. Its not that Kristen Schaal herself isn’t funny. Its just that their dialogue together isn’t as entertaining. Will Forte wrote the first episode and the second episode had a different writer. So, I’m thinking that is where the fault lies for the less entertaining dialogue. Their is good chemistry between the characters. So potential for better interaction exists and hopefully will be lived up to in future episodes.

I’m not sure where they are going with this story. It seems pretty limited in scope but maybe they can do a lot more with it than I can see or perhaps they don’t plan on it being a show that sticks around a long time. Either way I like it and I hope they make it work for a while. And that it doesn’t get canceled.

The Last Man on Earth comes on the Fox network on Sunday nights at 9:30PM.

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