TV Review: American Crime Episode 101 “Pilot”

I hadn’t intended on watching this show. I didn’t know anything about it and I didn’t want to add more shows to my schedule when I already don’t always get to write full reviews of all the shows that I want to cover. But then Christian Kane started posting about it. He had attended the premiere since Timothy Hutton, the star of the show, was his co-star on Leverage, I guess they had stayed in touch. He gushed about the show. I figured it was worth checking out.

It opens with on screen text on a black background and voiceover of a 911 call. Then it shows a man, Timothy Hutton playing Russ Skokie, being woken up by a phone call to come to identify his sons body. We get flashes of other things, seemingly the character on cameras thoughts since one is of Russ’s son’s wedding as he is being told that his daughter in law may have been sexually assaulted. Its jarring but I think that is intentional. After this initial opening we move to other characters as the story opens up to include the different people involved in both sides of the murder.

The acting is phenomenal of course. The writing is great. It seems like a very well made show and I hope the actors get award nominations. The editing feels a little uneven. It starts out in one style then settles into a traditional crime drama style. The cinematography isn’t to my taste. Although, I wouldn’t call it bad. It just seems to use angles that don’t make a lot of sense and that I find to be to noticeable. That is more a personal taste thing than a comment on quality, though. On a technical level is obviously a high quality show.

I don’t think I’ll continue watching this show. I don’t like shows about race and racial conflict. I don’t enjoy them and I try to only watch tv shows that I will enjoy. I DO want to watch it because I like Timothy Hutton and he is amazing in this so far but I don’t think it is a show for me. I would recommend it to anyone that likes this type of crime drama, though. Its a well made show that will hopefully get good ratings and reviews.


American Crime comes on Thursday at 10pm on ABC


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