TV Review: Once Upon A Time 413 “Unforgiven”

This episode was a bit better than the last one. I’m still not loving this season but it’s maybe improving.

*Slight spoilers but I don’t think I give away anything major*

In this episode, Regina continues on her quest to find the author but slips a bit to close to returning to villainy in the process. Emma gets angry at Hook for keeping secrets and lying to her, Maleficent returns and we find out what it is that Mary Margaret and David are so determined to hide from everyone.

I like the slight moments into Hook and Emma’s relationship. Its a fairy tale show. I feel like more should be shown of the relationships. The whole point is to show beyond the Happily Ever After, I thought. Yet it seems like they don’t focus on the relationships as much once the couples actually get together. I’d like to see more of Hook and Emma’s day to day life. It hasn’t even (unless it happened in the episodes I missed) shown if they live together or what the arrangement is that they have. I want to see their lives. I’d much prefer more of the characters lives and less villain after villain emergency.

Will Scarlet appears for three seconds. Is he on this show for a reason? I liked him in Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. I assumed they brought him back to Storybrooke for a reason….

I had also forgot about August. The call back to things that happened earlier in the series is always nice. As is the reappearance of old characters.

This episode at least held my attention. Which is an improvement over last week and over most of the first half of the season. I’m hoping its a positive sign and that this season will continue to improve.


Once Upon A Time airs on Sundays at 8pm on ABC.

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