TV Reviews: Secrets & Lies Episode 103 “The Affair”

*This review/recap DOES contain spoilers for the series but doesn’t spoil everything in the episode.*

Ben Crawford continues to try to solve the murder of the little boy, Tom. After the whole town finds out that Tom was Ben’s biological son everyone is even more convinced that he is the boy’s murderer. In this episode Ben also deals with troubles within his own family. We get to see that the rest of life doesn’t stop just because you have a tragedy to deal with.

Detective Cornell, the investigator trying to find Tom’s killer, is still irritating but she isn’t in this episode very much. I can’t help but think about how different this show would be if it were told from her point of view. I imagine then she wouldn’t seem so irritating. Or maybe she would. Maybe she is just irritating. It’s not like you can entirely blame her for thinking Ben is guilty. There is a lot of evidence against him.

Considering all that is going on Ben IS holding up fairly well but it seems a lot like he is hanging on by a thread and largely fueled by his intense desire to find Tom’s murderer.

The fact that Ben does not remember much about the night Tom was killed (and thus could be his murderer) isn’t mentioned in this episode. I highly doubt Ben killed the little boy. It would be a cheesy storyline move. It isn’t impossible but the show is fairly well written and I hope they don’t go that route.

Ryan Phillippe is actually pretty impressive on this show. I’ve never considered him a bad actor but I’ve never thought of him as an amazing actor either. This series really shows off that he is capable of fairly impressive dramatic acting, though.


Secrets & Lies comes on Sunday nights at 9pm on ABC


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