Book Review: Dead Heat (Alpha & Omega 4) by Patricia Briggs

I love this series. I also read Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. I’m not entirely sure which I like best. I was reading the Mercy books first and only started this series recently (I read fast). I think that I prefer Mercy over Anna but I like Charles a lot more than Adam or Samuel. I don’t dislike Anna or Adam. I just prefer Mercy and Charles. Not as a couple. Just as individual characters. I would love to see a book where Charles and Mercy work together on a case of some kind.

Anyway, in this book Charles and Anna go to visit the Alpha of a local pack in Arizona, old friends of Charles’ who breed horses. Charles wants to buy Anna a horse. A thoroughbred of her dreams it would seem. Charles has a history with all of these people that Anna has never heard of. Which peaks her interest. She is eager to get to know these people. Then an attack is made on the Alpha’s family. This brings Charles and Anna into a case involving some of the darkest aspects of the Fae.

I enjoyed the book. Its not the strongest book in the series but I feel like with both the Alpha & Omega series and the Mercy Thompson series the books don’t read well as stand alone reads. I always read them back to back as if they’re all one long book. So, when reading just one it always feels like it isn’t enough. As a part of the series I think it stands up with the rest well enough. It isn’t the strongest story but it isn’t weak or boring either.

I’d recommend anyone interested in this book start with the short story that kicks off this series. Its in the book On The Prowl and in Patricia Briggs short story book Shifting Shadows. That story tells you Anna’s history and how she met Charles. If you read that story then you could skip to this book after. The characters relationship works better if you read the story and the books that come in between this book and that story, though. These books also connect to the Mercy Thompson books but you don’t need to read those to follow the story in these. I do recommend both series though. They’re both short, fun reads.


You can buy Dead Heat as well as all Patricia Briggs other books on Amazon or anywhere else books are sold. Its available in hardcover, paperback, ebook and audio book.

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