TV Reviews: The Last Man on Earth Episode 103 “Raisin Balls & Wedding Bells”

I must say, Phil comes across as a jerk in this episode. It’s really sweet how much detail and effort Carol puts into planning and organizing the wedding that no one is actually there to attend. Phil just comes across like an asshole for not even getting the rings. He redeems himself pretty well in the second half of the episode, though.

The twist at the end was intriguing. It actually made me jump when the cars crashed although I should have expected it. Or something like it. Phil and Carol were finally getting along. So, naturally something had to happen. Otherwise the show didn’t have any direction to go in.

Every time I think I know what the long term story line will be the series throws me for a loop. At first I assumed it would all be him alone with him finding another person at the end of the season. Then when Carol showed up so quickly I figured it would be all about them learning to tolerate and even like each other. Then THAT also happened quickly. So, cue a new character to shift the story onto another rail.


I’m definitely curious about what direction this new character will take the story.

I’m hoping she’s a lesbian and she steals Carol from Phil. Once again leaving Phil alone but with two women he can’t have as his neighbors. Cruel? Yes. Entertaining? Also Yes.

This episode was funny. It was much better than the second episode. I really like this show. I want to see where it goes. The second episode was a bit…..not great but the first episode was awesome and this episode is pretty good. So, it’s off to a really good start.


The Last Man on Earth comes on Sundays at 930pm (sometimes 9pm) on Fox.


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