TV Reviews: The Walking Dead Episode 413 “Forget”

The group are still trying to acclimate to Alexandria. Rick, Carol and Daryl decide they need guns just in case things go bad. Sasha seems to be having some issues adjusting. The town throws the newcomers a welcome party.

Am I the only one creeped out by everyone in the towns fascination with Judith? And clean shaven Rick kind of weirds me out, too. I miss the beard. I don’t even like beards and I still miss the beard.


Anyway, by the end of the episode Daryl is starting to feel better about the place (maybe he will finally shower), Rick inexplicably flirts with a married woman and Carol broke the Susie Homemaker act and scared the crap out of everyone watching the show. It’s an interesting episode.

I feel like this season is improving and will likely continue to get better. It started out not great but now as it nears the end it is enjoyable to watch again. A lot of characters are being pushed to the back burner but that works better. There are just to many characters at the moment and the show works much better with only a hand full of characters as the focus.

We only have three episodes left. I imagine somewhere in that time we will find out whats with the “W” carved in the heads of so many walkers (most likely related to all the “Wolves” graffiti they have encountered lately). I kind of expect they will have a lot to do with what shatters the seemingly pristine Alexandria…because we know something is going to shatter it.


The Walking Dead comes on Sundays at 9pm on AMC

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