TV Reviews: Forever Episode 110 “The Man in the Killer Suit”

This is an older episode that they re-aired this week. I didn’t review it the first time around so I figured I’d review it now as if it were new.

An engaged British viscount is murdered and Henry finds signs that the man may not have been who he claimed to be. The case, along with Abe going to the funeral of an old friend, reminds Henry of one of the times his own secrets were discovered and he had to move.

Its not my favorite episode. Its one of the slower ones that just doesn’t grab my attention. Its the main case that I find uninteresting, though. The flashbacks I still like.

The flashes back to somewhere Abe was happy and Henry having to move him away gives a lot of insight into what Abe’s life must have been like. They would have had to move a lot. There is no telling how many times Abe had to leave friends behind. It would have been like being an army brat but worse. Abe couldn’t ever really keep in touch with people. He couldn’t have life long friends or if he did stay in touch they could never come to his house or meet his father. I can understand why Henry doesn’t want to get close enough to tell anyone his secret. He feels like knowing him and being with him is a burden. And he isn’t wrong.

The highlight of this episode is the end. Which leads into the next episode which is one of the best episodes of the series so far.


Forever comes on on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.


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