Week In Review 3/9/15 through 3/12/15

Criminal Minds
1017 Breath Play

Criminal Minds pulls a Law and Order and rips one from the headlines-ish. They rename 50 Shades if Grey and create a scenario where a sexual predator uses the book as a way to target women. I’m personally sick of 50 Shades of Grey but I do like that something mainstream is pointing out how the book exploits and warps BDSM. In other events Kate has more problems with her niece. I have a feeling thats going to end badly. This show tends to not let anyone have a Happily Ever After.

Criminal Minds comes on Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS

CSI: Cyber
102 CMND:/Crash

The team investigate a roller coaster crash that appears to be the result of computer hacking. We also get some glimpses in to the private life of the team. I like the characters of the show but it is still going through its awkward phase. Its structured differently than other CSIs and I feel like its trying to take itself more seriously. Which isn’t working for me. We will see where the show goes, though. CSI seems to do pretty well no matter what it does.

CSI Cyber comes on Wednesdays at 10pm on CBS

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia
1009 Frank Retires

The gang find a sink hole in the bathroom. Then Frank announces he is retiring prompting them to start fighting over who gets his shares in the bar. Its a decent episode. Its funny and entertaining. Nothing memorable that will result in frequent recall but funny enough for a couple viewings.

Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia comes on Wednesdays at 10pm on FXX

Jane The Virgin
115 Chapter Fifteen

Jane and Rafael learn the results of their amniocentesis. Jane responds to Rafael mention of moving in together and he asks another important question. Jane meets her favorite author. Its a pretty eventful episode. The show is packing in the content. I’m slowly losing interest in this show. The voiceover is getting more and more grating. I still think it was irresponsible of the show to further popularize amniocentesis. I know its just a show but its still a dangerous procedure that is done more often than it needs to be and being talked about on a show and having a character decide to have one unfortunately DOES make people more likely to agree to it. The issue will likely not be mentioned again and they didn’t handle it badly. Jane regretted having it done even. So, hopefully people pay attention to all of that and not just to the fact that she had it done. It’s not a bad show but I don’t know if I’ll watch it past this season. It’s just not that engrossing to me anymore. Mostly it’s the damn voiceover recapping everything constantly..even after commercial breaks. It gets ridiculous.

Jane The Virgin comes on Mondays at 9pm on CW

The Big Bang Theory
818 The Leftover Thermalization

Sheldon and Leonard’s paper is the topic of an article in Scientific American but they leave out Leonard’s name. Meanwhile, Howard, Raj and Bernadette go to pack up Howard’s mothers things only to find the electricity out. Its a scattered episode and if there is a clear theme I missed it. It’s funny, though. This show is always funny.

The Big Bang Theory comes on Thursdays at 8pm on CBS

The Slap
105 Connie

We finally get Connie’s point of view. She’s been a previous back ground character that didn’t have much story. She had seemed like a naive kid. This episode more focused on her gives us a better and more complete picture. She’s not so naive. She’s smart but has history with her father that, as cliche as it may be, is likely contributing to her attraction to Hector. We also see a different side to Hugo when Connie babysits. He isn’t always a temperamental and out of control brat. He can be a fun and sweet kid, too. This is a good episode. It makes me wish the entire series was about Connie. Several characters in the series could carry an entire series on there own and Connie is definitely one of them. I think the next episode is about Rosie and will likely be more about the titular slap with less deviation. I admit I prefer the episodes like this one and the one that focused on Anouk that take us away from the case a bit but I’m interested in seeing more about Rosie and maybe finding out exactly why she indulges Hugo so much and why she stays with Harry.

The Slap comes on Thursdays at 10pm on NBC


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