TV Review: The Walking Dead 514 “Spend”

Rick’s group are STILL trying to settle in to their new jobs in Alexandria but experience more conflict with the locals.

Gabriel resurfaces. There had been some speculation amongst fans of the show as to whether he was even in Alexandria because no one had seen him since they entered the gates. It was better when he was MIA. Now, he’s trying to start trouble. A coward by nature he is trying to ensure his safety I assume but he is going about it in a really stupid way that is sure to result in him not breathing. I would say he will probably end up a villain but that would require way more guts than he has. So he is much more likely to just end up dead.

Rick continues to flirt with the married, Jessie, who to no one’s surprise is apparently a domestic abuse victim. Now she’s all set up for Rick the Savior of Lost Souls to pop in and rescue her. This assuming she doesn’t find out that Carol threatened her son. Although, come to think of it, Rick may not be to happy with Carol about that either. Its hard to guess about stuff like that with Rick.

Abraham gets a new job as the head of construction after the previous leader does something stupid then steps down and gives him the job. The locals of Alexandria doing stupid things seems to be a pattern. Following that pattern Sam decides to spend quality time with the lady that threatened to feed him to walkers and Aidan and his scouting team get lots of people killed….again.

I think Deandra is smart. She’s smart enough to know her people are weak. Which is why she keeps putting Rick’s people in charge. She has potential but almost everyone else is useless. They’re not just weak. They’re dangerous. I don’t look for the outcome of the last couple episodes of the season to be pretty or pleasant.

The Walking Dead comes on Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC
The previous weeks episode is usually aired at 8pm with The Talking Dead talk show following the new episode at 10pm.


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