TV Review: The Last Man on Earth Episode 104 “Sweet Melissa”

Phil and Carol have company after (literally) running into Melissa on the street.

Poor Carol. I actually like Carol now and Phil is being a jerk. Melissa is pretty. So, Phil wants the prettier girl. Which is annoyingly stereotypical.

I feel this show slips into stereotypical sex and gender tropes a bit to often. Its the major downside to the show. Its still funny and quirky. I just wish it wouldn’t fall into those stereotypical scenarios so often. Its only on the fourth episode and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve made a squinty face at the TV because it is doing the “men like sex and pretty girls” thing or “women want commitment and like to make crafts” thing. Its a bit odd that it even does the “Men are filthy jerks” thing so often since the show was created by Will Forte, a man.

I’m not annoyed enough by the stereotypical characters to stop watching it. None of them are completely unlikable. Both women seem nice and Phil isn’t exactly a bad guy. I could deal with hanging out with these people……if we were the last people left on earth.

Next weeks episode looks interesting. I’m sticking this show out through this season. I feel like it is still one of the better shows on TV as far as originality of concept and some other aspects of the comedy (the toilet pool makes me chuckle every time) even if it doesn’t have original characters.

One joke I loved this week was Phil shaving his beard. In every other show and film I have ever seen that happen in it results in women making a big deal (on the show and in real life) over how hot the guy suddenly is. So, I loved that when Phil came out all shaved and dressed nicely they women were both like….eh…the beard looked better. Plus, Will Forte DOES look a bit like Tarantino…I don’t see K.D Lang but definitely Tarantino.

The Last Man on Earth airs on Sundays at 930pm on FOX. Next week, though (on 3/22) the show airs at 9pm and lasts for an hour instead of the usual 30 minutes.


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