tbt Film Review: Hostel Part 2

I wrote this back when Hostel 2 first came out. It was posted along with two other connected blog posts (Part 1 and Part 2) which is why it’s labeled “Part 2”

Hostel Part 2…….Part 2 The Good, The Bad and The Redundant.
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This may contain some small spoilers. I won’t give away the so called “shocking” ending but I will give away some mundane details. So, if you don’t want to know anything at all don’t read this until after you’ve seen the movie. I will try to mark all the places with upcoming spoilers, though. So, you could read and just avoid those places if you want. If you’ve already seen the movie and you’d like to discuss it in more detail then I do here, please, message me. Now, moving on….

Okay, I didn’t hate it. I didn’t love it, either. I’ll start with what I didn’t like. That way I can leave it on a good note.

I found the whole movie a bit predictable. I figured out 85% of everything that happened before it happened. In some cases waaayyy before it happened. Now, you shouldn’t necessarily let that turn you against the movie. I tend to figure movies out. I know all the story telling methods and tricks. It’s the downside to being a film buff and wannabe filmmaker: It makes you really hard to shock or surprise. Although one reason why it was predictable was because it was a bit redundant. It retraced the steps of the first one a bit to closely for my liking. So, if you’ve seen the first one you will probably be able to guess some parts as well. I do assume that was intentional though. Eli Roth going by the old horror series standard of “once you set a formula stick to it”.

Also, The beginning of the movie felt unnecessary to me. [**Spoiler**] It starts right where the first Hostel left off, with Paxton on the train. [Yep, I was wrong. He was at the beginning, not the end]. Then it cuts to a weird hospital scene with Paxton. Then it turns out he’s dreaming and really at a house in the country [if the specific country is mentioned I missed it] with his girlfriend, played by Jordan Ladd [Eli Roth is obsessed with that girl, seriously]. The prologue ends with a rather anticlimactic death for Paxton. The whole thing felt forced and seemed to just be a quick way to deal with Paxton and get him out of the way. If his character had nothing to do with the events of this movie, and they didn’t [Unless you count seeing his head later on display at a guys house], then Jay Hernandez shouldn’t have been in the movie at all. [****End Spoiler***]

My only other complaint is that I found one scene a bit more exploitive then I thought was necessary. It was the death of a main character and I understand that Eli Roth wanted that first death to be as shocking as possible but I just, personally, thought it could have been more shocking and still toned down a bit. It was just one of those scenes that I think makes people have to take themselves out of the movie to be able to tolerate it and I feel that that removal takes away some of the effect that the scene could have had had it of been done a different way. Thats the best I can explain it without giving away some things that I don’t want to give away.

Ok, thats all for the bad. I did have more complaints about this movie then any previous Eli Roth movie but I have good things to say, too.

For starters, for a horror movie this is one beautiful freaking film. It’s shot exquisitely. The composition of each shot was perfect. The colour was beautiful. Even the sound and music was amazing. Eli Roth and Milan Chadima [the cinematographer] definitely know how to make a beautiful movie. It’s so beautiful it’s almost disturbing. I mean a shot of a guy thats been torn apart by dogs should not be so damn pretty. This movie deserves an Oscar for cinematography. It really does. It won’t get one but it should.

I can’t really talk enough about how great the movie looked but I know that most people would find it boring. So, I’ll shut up about that. Although just that alone makes it worth going to see, seriously.

Also, I liked that it didn’t just follow the girls that were going to be eventually taken by the Hunting Club. It followed members of the club and the guys that won the bidding to kill the girls as well. You see the whole process. You see how it all works from the planning of the kidnapping, to the bidding, to the execution of the plans all the way to the moment when killer meets victim. That was an interesting addition to the mythology of the series, I think. I would have actually liked to have seen the whole movie done from the point of view of the people involved with the club. That would have been a bit better then so closely retracing the steps of the original.

F.Y.I If you look closely at the decapitated heads in the hidden room you can see Eli Roth’s head on display. He’s to the left of another head that you’ll recognize.

Oh and another thing I liked is that Eli Roth managed to write a sequel that you could actually watch without having the seen the first one but that didn’t include one of those annoying clip montages at the beginning that show you everything that happened in the first or without a stupid monologue of a character explaining everything that happened. The exposition is covered rather seamlessly during Paxton’s sequence at the beginning with him telling his story to the cops. It works rather well. It’s the only good thing in the whole prologue, actually.

I actually keep having to edit to add more that I liked. I forgot to mention how great the effects were. KNB always does a good job but this was one of their best. Their blood always looks real but it’s hard to make realistic looking organs. Mostly because real organs look rather fake when you actually see them. They seem to colorful in reality. They aren’t what you expect. It makes it so that even real autopsy footage looks staged. Yet, somehow KNB manages to make the fake ones look better then if they had used the real thing. I know a lot of it is in the lighting. Light anything wrong and it looks awful. So, I’m sure they were helped out by that but still the gore is impressive. One scene in particular will make every guy in the audience cringe. Personally, I laughed but I’m rather twisted.

In closing I want to mention that I’m in a bad mood today and that probably contributes to the reason why I have so many complaints about the movie. [**spoiler**] Also, killing Paxton off at the beginning and the cheesy way it was done annoyed me and did but a damper on the rest of the movie for me.[**End Spoiler**] So, if you want to see it don’t let me talk you out of it. You probably won’t agree with anything I’ve said and I’m sure you’ll love it. It just wasn’t a good day for me to go see a movie, most likely. Also, even if you hate it you can always marvel at it’s beauty like I did…or not.

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