Book Review: Angelfall by Susan Ee

Penryn and her family have not been doing well since the angel’s invaded Earth. She is just a seventeen year old girl who has enough on her shoulders taking care of her seven year old sister who is wheelchair bound and her schizophrenic mother who is obsessed with rotten eggs. Now the city is a dangerous wasteland ran my street gangs who deal in angel parts and Penryn needs to get her family somewhere safer but before they get very far Penryn is caught up in a battle that leaves her sister and mother missing. Now, with only an injured angel as her companion she races to save her sister.

This story starts in the middle but that isn’t uncommon of post apocalyptic stories. The vivid image of Gabriel being shot out of the sky is repeated many times and acts as a jumping point for the backstory we are given.

That isn’t the only haunting image in this book. While it is written on the right level for a young adult audience it isn’t for the faint of heart.

But thats a good thing. Its written well enough to pull you in and cause vivid images that are capable of haunting you. Penryn herself is intelligent and engaging. All of the characters are likable, even when they’re not. You care about what happens to them.

If the book has any negative aspects its that it falls into some of the same relationships tropes as so many other YA novels.

I will say that Penryn isn’t as bad as some heroines. She doesn’t let anything distract her from her goal and she continues her quest regardless of anything that crosses her path. THAT is something I love about this book and that sets it apart from some other YA books with star-crossed lover aspects – the love story is barely even a blip in the storyline. If you remove it entirely the book still works just fine.

And the book is extremely captivating. As soon I finished it I went in to the Amazon Kindle store from my Kindle (for the first time ever) to buy the sequel.

I definitely would recommend this book for readers of YA books. If you don’t normally like YA fantasy or you don’t like post-apocalyptic books than you wouldn’t like this one either, though. While it is definitely enjoyable I wouldn’t say it has that Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings mass appeal that makes everyone love it no matter what kind of books you usually like. I personally love YA fantasy and post-apocalyptic books, though. I found this to be better written than a lot of books in the genre. Since YA got so popular it seems like authors are pouring them out whether they’re any good or not but this one is definitely one of the good ones.

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