TV Review: iZombie Episode 101: “Pilot”

Liv Moore was a pretty and engaged medical student with a bright future until she gets turned into a zombie during a party on a boat. Now, she’s working at a morgue so she can acquire the brains she needs to survive.

If we stop there it doesn’t sound bad. It sounds funny and quirky. It could be quirky and funny. The problem is I have seen Veronica Mars. I’ve watched it recently because I never watched it when it was actually airing. I liked it but I don’t care to see it again acted out with a zombie as the lead character.

The rest of the storyline goes that every brain Liv eats she gains the person’s memories. So, she uses those memories to help solve crimes.

Yeah…it IS Veronica Mars with zombies. It even uses the exact same storyline structure. We get snippets of the party where Liv died and was zombified throughout the episode and we get the flashes of memories that she sees from the lives of the people whose brains she eats. Its like someone said “Hey! What Veronica Mars went to a party and got turned into a zombie?”

So, I wasn’t exactly surprised when I looked up the information on IMDB to find out that Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars also created this series. Its also loosely based on a comic apparently but the main components and structure seem to come from Rob Thomas.

Speaking of Rob Thomas what the hell does he have against parties? Veronica goes to a party and gets drugged and raped and now Liz goes and ends up dying and coming back as a zombie. This guy apparently hates parties.

Also, one thing I don’t understand…if she wants so badly to hide that she is a zombie why doesn’t she wear makeup to make her look more alive? The pale face and black shadowed eyes may sell the whole “sexy zombie” thing but it isn’t a good look for someone trying to hide that they’re not exactly well.

Anyway, I could see this show having appeal to people that REALLY liked Veronica Mars and want to see more of it in any way possible. Or people that have never seen Veronica Mars and don’t see the similarities. Its well made. Its slick and stylish and the writing is sharp. Its just not as original as it wants to be.

I’m not recommending against watching it. I’m not even saying I won’t continue watching it. I’m just saying it isn’t exactly as good as it could be if it used a more original story structure so as to avoid being just an Undead Veronica Mars.

iZombie airs on Tuesday nights on The CW at 9pm.


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