TV Reviews: Forever Episode 111 “Skinny Dipper”

This weeks episode was another previously aired episode. It was originally the mid-season finale before the winter hiatus. Its one of my favorite episodes of the series. It may be my very favorite episode of the series.

It picks up from the previous episode’s cliffhanger with Henry getting into a cab being driven by his stalker. The stalker wants to prove that he is also immortal and goes to great extremes to do so. Drama is abundant but there are some funny moments with Henry being arrested for indecent exposure when he is caught coming out of the river naked.

In this episode we also learn more about the stalker and about Henry’s past. We get flashbacks to his incarceration in an asylum not long after he is first cursed/blessed with his immortality. Its a fast moving, suspense filled episode with a case that is tied into Henry’s story as opposed to a case that is separate from the mythology of the show. There is a lot of information learned in a short period of time. Its impossible to get bored watching it and its one of my most re-watched episodes.

Next week we get a new episode that looks like a good one. So, if you haven’t been watching the show you should start ASAP.

Forever airs on Tuesday at 10pm on ABC.


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