TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episode 415 “Poor Unfortunate Soul”

Hey! They finally give Hook something to do besides be a pretty background extra.

We get flashbacks to his history with Ursula. Shockingly, she isn’t a disgruntled ex lover like Emma, and the audience, likely assumed. She was a mermaid, acting as a siren at Poseidon’s orders, that he crossed paths with once in the ocean and then again on land. Through a series of events he turned her into the villain she became. 

They keep teasing with the old Killian and making it seem like he could be bad again. But he never was a really cruel villain. He was always a romantic that lost his love. He often even in the past tried to do the right thing. He just didn’t always succeed at it. Now he has a new love and he is still a romantic. I don’t think the darkness he is capable of is that extreme but I also don’t think he would be that incapable of handling Emma if she became evil. He became good for her. If she became evil he would just go with her, I would think. And the show would get a whole lot more interesting.

For now, he is still a good guy though and in this episode he helps give someone else their happy ending. Which is nice….and I like episodes about Hook…and it is an interesting episode with a LOT of information exchanged but I just feel like Hook shouldn’t have to hide so much of who he is to be with the one he loves. Isn’t that the wrong message to send? I’d rather see him as the guy that walks the line between villain and hero that he seems to actually be. The guy that will do anything to protect the people he loves. And have the people that love him accept him for who he is.

hookand emma

Hopefully, they keep giving Hook story. Since he actually HAS already found his happy ending. I guess there isn’t much left to do with him except having him around as the boyfriend of the Savior. Which is unfortunate. He’s one of the more interesting characters.

At least now August is back. I liked August.


Once Upon A Time airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC

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