TV Review: The Walking Dead Episode 515 “Try”

Sasha is apparently losing her mind. Or at least that seems to be the direction the show is wanting us to lean. To me she just seems restless and anxious about being within the seemingly safe community but not feeling like it’s safe. So, she does what she can to burn her excess energy. The whole group has PTSD and they’re doing the best they can. Sasha’s method of dealing isn’t that bad and they should really let her do it or she could get much worse.

Rick is having issues of his own. Although, he is mostly right in this situation. Not entirely right…I think Carol should have broke her cover and confronted Pete herself. Rick doing it makes his motives look less than pure. He just obviously isn’t going about things in the sanest manner. I’m not sure what the best way to go about things are, though. I just know screaming at people while on an adrenaline high and covered in blood probably isn’t the best way. Even if everything you say is true and valid you still sound like a maniac.

I think it would be interesting if the series ends with Rick’s group being pushed into being the bad guys. They’ve been slowly going in that direction anyway with Rick getting colder and more ruthless. I imagine in real life if you managed to survive as much as for as long as they have you would have to become pretty ruthless. The best thing about it would be they wouldn’t really be “bad” guys. Every thing they do would make sense but if they had met people like they become back at the beginning they would have seen them as bad people.

From the outside prospective they certainly seem like the bad guys in Alexandria. As far as the other citizens see it Rick and his group are the heathens that came from outside and now are trying to take over.

I figure by the end either Rick and his group will end up saving people in Alexandria….or they actually will be their downfall.

The season finale is next week. So, I guess we will see how it goes then.


Oh yeah, Carl finally got a new friend. The first kid his age to show up since Sophia died. And not only is she his age but she was also “outside” for a long time and has her own issues. So, assuming she survives the season finale maybe some story will develop there.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9pm on AMC


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