TV Reviews: The Last Man On Earth Episode 105 “Dunk The Skunk” and Episode 106 “Some Friggin’ Fat Dude”

You know that thing people say, “I wouldn’t sleep with/date/touch you if you were the last man/woman on Earth”? Yeah, that is exactly how I would feel about Phil. Only I would literally mean it. Phil is an asshole. I could tolerate him as a friend but I would have no interest in a relationship with him. Not even if he were my one and only option.

And wtf is with the obsession to repopulate the Earth? There doesn’t seem to be any animals left and the prepackaged and canned food will run out. They may be able to plant fruit and vegetables but they aren’t going to be completely healthy for very long on this kind of diet. Not unless they can plant calcium and iron and protein rich vegetables and citrus fruit for Vitamin C and they’re in Arizona….which is not the best place to grow a variety of things. It would at least require a lot of knowledge they don’t have to plan much of anything.

So, they can keep themselves alive but there wouldn’t be any kind of real future for children. Not unless there are a LOT more people left in the world than they have found so far. If I had children in that world I would do the best I could but I definitely wouldn’t be trying to have lots and lots of babies.

In the first of these back to back episodes Phil schemes to try to get Carol to let him sleep with Melissa….for the good of populating the world, of course. At least that is what he says to Carol and Melissa. And then Phil works to stick to the rules Carol and Melissa set for him….Wait, no he doesn’t. He totally tries to be romantic and seduce her and in no way makes any effort to stick to the rules at all.

Yep. He’s an asshole. And his romantic gestures get ruined when another guy shows up. Which he deserves.

In the second episode, they all get to know the new guy, Todd. He’s a seemingly really sweet guy that Phil makes constant fat jokes about. Phil really is an ass. He has a few minutes of redemption and its a valid point that he spent two years alone. He may not have been as much of an asshole prior to that. But he is still a major jerk now. Todd and Melissa seem to be hitting it off. Not sure where it will go now but I imagine more people will show up soon.

The world they live in is enough to make anyone pray for zombies or roving gangs to appear. It would be fun to run amok in an empty world for a little while but then it would get boring and lonely. I think I’d probably rather fight zombies.

That said it does give this show an interesting twist. Its the only post-apocalyptic show on the air with no enemies trying to kill the good guys. I wouldn’t mind seeing a drama with this kind of twist….something like a normal teen drama but against the backdrop of growing up in a post-apocalyptic world after a disease wipes most people out.


The Last Man on Earth airs on Sundays at 9:30pm on FOX.



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