TV Review: iZombie Episode 102 “Brother, Can You Spare A Brain”

Well…..It’s still very Veronica Mars-ish. With a hint of Tru Calling. And pointless goth makeup even though it would make more sense for her to hide that dead look. I just don’t see where this show is going….it already feels redundant and its only the second episode.


They explore more about how Liz inquires skills from the brains that she eats and we meet the other zombie that she has been dreaming about. He’s cute…in a thin….gothic-y….vampire heroin addict way. He seems more interesting than Liz. I wish the show was about him. If he sticks around I would keep watching the show, though. He seems to be being set up as the bad guy recruiting new zombies and taking over the city’s drug trade…in a sense.


If you care about episode details besides the cute bad guy- Liz investigates a murder and acquires artistic skills and a love of beauty from the man whose brain she eats. These new personality traits understandably confuse her ex-fiance, Major. Liz’s boss keeps doing research to look for a cure for Liz. Which seems counterproductive to me considering he is also using her abilities to up the crime solving ability of his lab.

Other than that there is some metaphorical….the word that springs to mind is crap….metaphorical crap…that seems to be about living life while you have it and getting all you can out of the life that you have.


I really just think I’m to old for this show. I think its probably an awesome show for teenagers that were to young for Veronica Mars and Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Tru Calling. It’s a good show for the new generation of CW audience. Its not a good show for 32 year olds. At least not for this 32 year old.

I’ll keep watching it for the cute bad guy, though. For now. He reminds me of Spike from Buffy. I like him.

iZombie airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CW.

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