tbt TV Review: Doctor Who episode 202 “Tooth & Claw”

I wouldn’t call this a favorite episode of mine but I do think it’s an important one. The 10th Doctor is asleep for most of The Christmas Invasion and New Earth is his first adventure with Rose. This episode is the first that we see with their relationship fully established and cemented. It also shows us the beginning of Torchwood. Which becomes both important to the Doctor and Rose this season and becomes it’s own spin-off show.


By this point the Doctor and Rose seem to be fully bonded. The interaction between the 10th Doctor and Rose is different than it was with the 9th Doctor and Rose. He’s a bit bouncier and happier. At the beginning he is much lighter than the 9th Doctor was. By the end of his time….he isn’t so light anymore.


Anyway, in this episode while trying to get to the 1970s Rose and the Doctor end up in the 1879 Scotland where Queen Victoria is dealing with what seems to be a werewolf attack. David Tennant gets to use his real Scottish accent when the Doctor pretends to be Scottish. This now acts as an accidental foreshadowing since the Doctor in his 12th incarnation has a Scottish accent.


The effects aren’t amazing but they’re not bad for their time and budget. The story isn’t the best but its serviceable. The episode is important but that doesn’t mean its amazing. I found it to be one do the weaker episodes of the season, actually but it does it all it needs to. There was no point in the storyline overshadowing the not so subtle relationship development and Torchwood tease.


Seeing the Doctor and Rose both having fun with the situation they are in – even though it involves a lot of death and serious effects on other people’s lives – makes it not so surprising that Queen Victoria isn’t fond of them once they leave. It’s also a beautiful example of the relationship they have. They’re both fun and….well…..as much as they DO save people they are also rather self centered, aren’t they?

Tooth and Claw

Their relationship being cemented by this point is important since in the next episode Rose and the Doctor cross paths with an old friend of the Doctors from a long time ago and this foreshadows some things that happen at the end of the season.


Doctor Who is currently not airing new episodes. You can watch the old episodes, including this one, on Netflix, Amazon Prime and probably lots of other places. You can also buy them on DVD or Bluray.

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