TV Review: Criminal Minds Episode 1018 “Rock Creek Park”

This episode is awesome. I mean, the case isn’t that amazing. Russian kidnapping ring….or something. Doesn’t matter.


The important part is they FINALLY give Reid a new love interest. I mean, he just asks her out for coffee but for Reid thats a big deal. She isn’t a genius like Reid or like Maeve. And she isn’t beautiful like Maeve but Reid never cared about that. He didn’t even know what Maeve looked like for their entire relationship until the end.

This woman is cute but looks very normal. Which I love. She can hold her own with Reid, too. Which is important with him. I could see him getting easily bored with someone. He probably gets bored with everyone. I get bored with everyone and I’m not even half as smart as Spencer Reid. This women seems interesting though and smart enough to keep up with him despite not being as smart as he is.

Her name is Agent Dorian Loker. She is doing surveillance on the Russians when Reid comes in to work with her. She is impressed by him speaking Russian. She’s even more impressed when he also speaks another random language a maid uses. She’s borderline abrasive at first but Reid never seems intimidated. He never seem scared and he asks her out to coffee (in Russian) without hesitation.


I like how far Reid has come. He’s been through so much. I swear the writers hate him. Matthew Gray Gubler has always done an amazing job portraying him but the amount this character has grown since Season 1 is impressive. He’s strong and confident and I love it.

I also love Agent Loker. I’d love if she became a regular. She’s much more interesting than Callahan. Lets drop Callahan and add Loker instead! I really want to see the progression of her and Reid’a interaction, though. I want them to give him a happy ending of some kind. He’s been through sooo much. I hope they continue their story.


And I really hope they don’t kill her off in some horrific way.

I know this wasn’t a real review but I didn’t find the case interesting or relevant. So, its the best you’re getting.

Criminal Minds comes on Wednesdays at 9pm on CBS



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