TV Review: Forever Episode 118 “Dead Men Tell Long Tales”

Henry Morgan finds something from his past. A slave ship owned by his family that he last saw full of slaves he failed to free. The ship was suppose to have sunken far from where it was apparently found and was salvaged by a man who was murdered. Now Henry investigates to find out what happened to his family’s ship and why the man was murdered.


Jo is curious about Henry’s obsession with a 200 year old slave ship. An obsession he can’t really explain…..well he could. He could have easily said it was his ancestors ship. He is bothered by his family’s connection to the slave trade but he doesn’t say any of that. He just says he is troubled by the 300 souls that lost their lives when the ship went down. Which isn’t a lie, I suppose.


Its a great episode and features Cuba Gooding Jr in a guest spot as a rival for Jo’s attention. Although, Henry doesn’t seem to care much about Jo dating. He’s to busy chasing his own ghosts. He does seem impressed that she brought her gun with her on a date. 

Adam returns briefly and Henry finds out what may be the secret to his immortality.


They can never show Adam to much in my opinion. I wish he were more of a regular character. He is saved for special occasions, though. He seems to always show up when new information is revealed about Henry’s past and the secret of his immortality.

This episode wraps up some important story and is a must see for anyone that likes the show. In the end its both a happy episode and a daunting one. It feels like the show is winding down to a series finale. And while its been such a good show I could live with it ending if the ending is good I still hate to see it go. I’m still hoping for a season 2. 

Forever comes on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC

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