TV Review: Secrets And Lies Episode 105 “The Jacket”

Ben has obviously lost his mind. He targets another neighbor convinced they are Tom’s killer. He seems really desperate. Desperate enough to make me believe that he may even think he could be the killer. Even if it makes no sense at all that he could or would kill Tom no matter how drunk he was. I figure maybe he at least saw who did. He must have. Either he saw them or they saw him…or its his wife.


It did occur to me that the killer could be his wife. She isn’t a suspect that has been made obvious. If its her then Cornell’s behavior is actually warnings to Ben to be careful in case it is her as opposed to bitchy harassment because she thinks he is the killer. His wife makes more sense as the killer, actually. And her behavior has been odd.


In this episode we actually learn a lot but not much of it seems relevant at the moment. The real WTF moment is at the end. This the only major cliffhanger the show has had so far and the only really scary moment. It should make for an interesting episode next week.

I find myself getting more and more into this show each week. It is much much better than I expected it to be.

I need to check out the Cornell Confidential posts online..maybe they make her more likable.

In all his flaws I must say that Ben really does seem like a good father. His advice is sound. He owns up to his mistakes and he encourages his kids to do the same. He helps them when they are hurt or upset. He is honest with them and calm but he isn’t perfect and he doesn’t claim to be. You don’t see a lot of examples of truly good fathers on television. I’m glad to see at least one.

Ryan Phillippe is truly impressive in this show. I hope he gets some award nominations from it. Especially since it seems to be just a mini-series with no second season. He deserves some recognition.


Secrets And Lies airs on Sundays at 9pm on ABC.

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