TV Review: Bones Episode 1011 “The Psychic in the Soup”

Bones returns after a long hiatus with a case about a murdered charlatan psychic.

Another storyline thread is about Sweets. Its his birthday. The first birthday of his they have been through since his death. Early in the episode Bones herself mentions that she keeps forgetting he is gone. I had actually forgot he has been killed until they mentioned him with sadness in their voices at the beginning of the episode.

Cyndi Lauper returns as the seemingly legitimate psychic, Avalon Harmonia. Although…she doesn’t really seem to be an actual psychic but more so someone that talks to spirits. Which isn’t the same thing really. Not really the point though…She keeps trying to contact the murder victim but she says Sweets is more prevalent. Hodges refuses to hear anything about Sweets, though. Avalon eventually figures out what Sweets wants and starts trying to do what he needs done with Angela’s help.

Other smaller storyline threads include Christine’s imaginary(?) friend Buddy and Fuentes acting shady and carrying around giant bags of money and taking phone calls about medication in Spanish.

Its not a bad episode. It’s competent at least. But I have honestly not been that fond of this show the last couple of seasons. It has over stayed its ability to deliver truly absorbing cases and storylines. Ten seasons isn’t uncommon now. I mean its not common but other shows have managed it without getting stale. So, I don’t really know why Bones seemed to go stale so early. Maybe its just me that has lost interest in the show….

Bones airs on Thursdays at 8pm on FOX

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