TV Review: The Slap Episodes 106 “Aisha” and 107 “Rosie”

In the episode about Aisha, we see she almost has her own transgression. And then she finds out about Connie and Hector. Considering her own almost affair she isn’t the most understanding. This isn’t a favorite episode of mine. It doesn’t feel super relevant for the center storyline – the only connection to it being Aisha being asked to be a character witness for Harry and not wanting to do it and Sandy giving an out by telling the lawyers about her coming to Aisha for help when Harry hit her. The rest of the story centers around Aisha’s own personal life and work.

Thandie Newton is a great actress but this character just isn’t that interesting. Aisha is one of those characters that would grow on you as a series progressed until you really liked her but she doesn’t get that time in this series and it just makes her episode hard to care about for me.

Rosie doesn’t really seem less crazy in the episode about her but she does seem more sympathetic. We get a snippet of how her and her husband met and I would like more of their back story.

In truth everyone in this show is in the wrong in their own ways. As far as the central storyline is considered, Harry never should have slapped Hugo and I certainly wouldn’t let him around my kids ever again BUT Hugo actually is out of control and does need help. I don’t think it anyone’s fault that Hugo is out of control. It very possibly is just genetic. He seems to get overstimulated and angry and can’t control himself. His parents should have stopped him from swinging the bat the way he was. When they didn’t Harry should have asked them to stop him. Even taking the bat from Hugo would have been acceptable when his parents didn’t do anything themselves. His parents really should have done something themselves. Everyone was in the wrong.

Rosie and Gary really should acknowledge Hugo’s issues and get him help, though. They’re only hurting him by not acknowledging that he can’t control his anger and his actions very well. I really do believe parents hurt their children by ignoring their issues instead of trying to help them. I think its often, and definitely in this case of this show, because they can’t deal with the possibility that they did something wrong. They selfishly focus to much on the why and how instead of just helping their kid.

I wouldn’t let Harry near my kid again but I also wouldn’t have been letting my kid swing a bat at another kid and scream at the top of his lungs. No one was entirely in the right in this situation.

So, I can’t feel entirely sorry for Rosie. She is overreacting. She IS being overdramatic. I do think she is doing her best to be a good mother, though. She is struggling but she is trying. And that means something. She isn’t a bad mother but the issues with her family did not begin with Harry slapping Hugo. He isn’t traumatized. He even mentions never getting to see Harry anymore and certainly doesn’t sound traumatized. Rosie is the one that is traumatized. She is likely making it worse for Hugo by making it a bigger issue than it could have been.

Next week is the finale and I have no idea exactly how they are going to wrap this up. There isn’t really a good way to end it. All of the couples have issues within their marriages. The slap itself isn’t even a fraction of the problems with these people. And now with this case they all seem destined to be pushed apart. 

I would love a second season of this show to see the characters explored more. Connie and Anouk both are interesting and I would like to see more of them and the other characters just need more time to be cared about. Not to mention all the characters that didn’t get much story of their own.

The Slap airs on Thursdays at 10pm on NBC

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