TV Review: iZombie Episode 103 “The Exterminator”

I must admit, this show is growing on me. I think the Veronica Marsyness is calming down a bit or maybe I’m just getting use to it and don’t notice it as much. Either way, it also seems less cheesy. It still feels geared toward teens. As the creator not long ago stated that he hopes this becomes the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer I assume the teen vibe is intentional. It works though and the show does grow on once you get use to the style.


In this episode, Liz (accidentally) eats the brain of a sociopathic hit man. Which makes her completely unfazed when her and Ravi find a former acquaintance that had also been in attendance at the boat party trapped in a pit and now a shambling (much more traditional) zombie. The conclusion is the lack of brains turned her into this mindless creature.


Blaine also appears wondering why Liz hasn’t made good on her promise of brains. I’m a bit confused by her refusal to help him. She is basically forcing him to murder for his food. Which isn’t fair. You can’t put someone in a position where they have to murder to survive and then judge them for their actions. I don’t think Liz is thinking that decision through very well.


Major shows up asking for help finding a missing kid. There isn’t much mystery to that storyline. So, I’m assuming its purpose is to eventually push Liz and Major back together OR maybe its an attempt to set Blaine up as a villain but so far he just isn’t a good villain. Its very early on in the series, though. They are likely going somewhere with it all.

The bigger mystery is the actual origin of the zombie virus. They have hinted at it and given us some idea of how it began but we don’t know everything yet.

iZombie airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CW.

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