TV Review: The Slap Episode 108 “Ritchie”

In the final episode of the (mini)series we get Ritchie’s story. He is an odd character in my opinion to wrap up the series but its done fairly well.


I really didn’t see how they could tie everything up so quickly. And they really didn’t. It works, though. They don’t try to tell you every detail of every character’s lives. We just get little pieces and are left to fill in missing bits and make our own conclusions for how some things turned out.

The Slap - Season 1

We do get the verdict of the trial about the titular slap. Its a pretty good summary of how I felt about things, too. I don’t want to give it away exactly but I will say its a fair verdict and I was satisfied with the way it turned out.

The Slap - Season 1

I liked this show overall. I know the original series only had one season. So, I don’t expect this show to return for a second season either but thats to bad. I do think the characters could be explored more without it getting boring or over done. I don’t feel cheated or like they left anything unfinished though. So, it stands the way it is just fine as well.   

*slight spoiler alert*

I do want to comment on the very end of the episode. It appears to be a baby welcoming party for Anouk’s baby. It could be a first birthday for the baby….I’m not really sure. Everyone is there and then Rosie, Gary and Hugo show up. The adults argue as Hugo wanders over to Anouk and the baby. Anouk lets him hold the baby. Hugo smiles and laughs and plays with the baby. The show goes off on this note.

Its a perfect ending for the show. It shows how all along the issue was really all about the adults. Hugo wasn’t effected much at all. He seems calmer at this point. This is likely because his parents had their eyes opened some by the trial about what they needed to be focusing on. So, while everyone has grown, some things haven’t changed. The adults are still to focused on themselves. They argue and all of them except Anouk miss this sweet moment between Hugo and the baby. Real life is like that. People may grow some but no one ever changes completely.

The Slap - Season 1

The Slap is no longer airing new episodes but it may be viewed on Hulu Plus and i’m sure it will be on Netflix or other streaming services soon.

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