TV Review: One Big Happy Episodes 101-103

Lizzie and Luke are going to have a baby together. Lizzie is a lesbian and Luke is her best friend. Right after Lizzie gets pregnant Luke meets and marries an illegal alien named Prudence. Prudence is English and beautiful with a rather impressive set of boobs that are way to often the focus of jokes.


I first tried to watch this show and turned it off after 5 minutes. I decided to give it a another shot. It still isn’t my favorite but….

it does have potential. It has its funny moments. The premise is ridiculous but thats okay for a sitcom. I mean they have long ran out of sitcom premises that aren’t ridiculous. So, its mostly about making the ridiculous ones work.

Which One Big Happy doesn’t really quite manage to do. Although, it tries really hard.

The pilot completely fails as entertainment. All the jokes fall flat. None of the characters are likable. It’s really hard to move past this episode…

If you do manage to make it to the second episode it does start to get better, though. I still wouldn’t call it a great show. It has a lot of faults. For one, none of the characters have any kind of chemistry with each other. They’re not bad actors but the casting is horrible.


The writing at least does improve after the pilot, though. Maybe the actors will develop more chemistry as the show progresses. Its not impossible. 

It still suffers from over use of the laugh track. Which is most noticeable on the jokes that aren’t funny. Which is about half of the jokes in the second and third episodes. The pilot doesn’t have any funny jokes at all. So, half is a pretty good improvement really.

I’m trying to be positive and show that it DOES have potential. It really does but at the moment is not even remotely living up to it.

Lizzie’s sister and brother in law are one big problem. Their jokes are never funny. They are stereotypes of an unhappy couple with a bossy, cranky wife and a meek husband. And they both state that they don’t like their daughter. They’re miserable and unpleasant to watch. They also serve no real purpose. The show would be better without them.

Another issue is Prudence. Her character….isn’t really a character. Its like the writers can’t decide if she is the “weird quirky girl” or the “hot dumb girl” or the “wacky foreigner that doesn’t understand things”…they cycle through about every option and never settle on one. Which results in an uneven character. The actress isn’t to blame but the performance comes across all over the place because the character is a different person in every scene. They need to pick a stereotype and stick with it. I vote for hot dumb girl since they also like making jokes about her giant boobs. It doesn’t actually make sense since all the girls on the show, including Lizzie herself are attractive and kind of dumb but it is the one that fits the best into the storyline they seem to be going with.


Lizzie, herself, is actually the biggest issue the show has. Elisha Cuthbert just isn’t convincing as a lesbian. The problem is likely due to the lack of chemistry between her and the actress playing her love interest but whatever the issue is. something isn’t working. Cuthbert is doing her best with what she is given but its…not….helping.

It’s just not a good show. It’s not. It isn’t the worst show on television. It isn’t even the worst sitcom that I’ve seen debut this year (so far that would be The Odd Couple) but it’s still not good.

I tried to be nice. I did. But it’s just not good. *sigh*

One Big Happy airs on Tuesdays at 930pm on NBC.


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