TV Review: Forever Episode 120 “Best Foot Forward


Henry is involved in an investigation of a missing and presumed dead ballerina whose severed foot was found at the ballet. He is reminded of an artist he knew who used heroin to help her create her work.

Also in this episode, Abe investigates Abigail’s disappearance. Henry mulls over Adam’s theory of how they may be able to end their curse. And Isaac invites Jo on a trip but Jo is hesitate.


I find it odd that Henry is so blind to Jo’s interest in him. He isn’t asexual. He isn’t even celibate. He was involved with the dominatrix. He is capable of flirting and knowing when women are flirting with him. But for some reason he seems to not see Jo that way at all. He obviously respects her and values her as a colleague and maybe even as a friend. It makes no sense to me that he doesn’t at least notice that she may be interested in him as more than a friend and colleague.


I know lots of people are rooting for Jo and Henry but I’m not really one of them. I liked the dominatrix. I’d prefer she come back around. I think they had better chemistry and that she would be a lot more open minded to Henry’s special circumstance. Plus, he liked her enough to push her away. He liked her more than he likes Jo….who he doesn’t even seem to like in that way at all.

Forever airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC


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