TV Review: iZombie Episode 104 “Liv and Let Clive”

Blaine is running a, pretty smart in the short term, scam where he turns people into zombies and then charges them a lot of money for brains. Liv’s brother is visiting. And Liv thinks Clive is a dirty cop. She also finds out that Major’s girlfriend may be on the verge of moving in and takes steps to prevent it from happening.


It’s a very busy episode. Which makes it a little bit muddled.

Last weeks episode had raised by opinion of this show but this episode isn’t the best. There is just to much going on. I prefer each episode of shows have more focus.


They are doing a better job of setting Blaine up as a decent villain, though. This episode did accomplish that.


iZombie airs on Tuesday’s at 9pm on the CW

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