How Did You Celebrate Your Rex Manning Day?


This year is the 20th Anniversary of Empire Records 1995 release. Today is April 8th. Which in the movie is the day that Rex Manning is appearing for a meet and greet in the store. A day the employees repeatedly refer to as Rex Manning Day. So, if you’ve been seeing people talking about Rex Manning Day, thats what it is all about. It seems to have gotten a bit popular on the internet lately.


Empire Records has a fair sized cult following and has become a staple of 90’s movie nights and themed parties. It spawned a lot of teenage dreams of working in a record store. Even though I’m sure working in a record store isn’t near as fun as the movie makes it look. It played a big part in a lot of people’s lives and its fandom, while rooted in 90s kids nostalgia, still seems to be growing.


A lot of blogs have already posted their ideas for how to celebrate Rex Manning Day. I’ve even seen Rex Manning themed recipes and DIY clothing (I would love a Rex Manning Day themed tank top if anyone would like to make me one and/or any of the pins below).


Everyone that grew up watching this movie also seems to have a crush on one of the characters. My crush was Lucas. I always had a thing for fuck-ups, I guess….. At least his intentions were good. And seriously what IS with today, today?


If you were of the unaware and failed to celebrate Rex Manning Day this year you should start preparing and planning today for next year. Your first step should be to watch Empire Records. And to be ashamed for not watching it before now.


It’s on Amazon Prime. Go watch it. Now. Download the soundtrack, too. It’s equally awesome.



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