The Last Man on Earth Episode 108 “The Do-Over” and Episode 109 “Pranks For Nothing”


*sigh* Phil continues being an ass in The Do-Over when he meets two more survivors, Gail and Erica. Gail is (oddly) from Wilmington, North Carolina (which is where I live). Erica is from Australia. Phil lies and tells them he is all alone. He is such an ass.


As I was watching this episode it occurred to me that it is possible that Gail and Erica are all in his imagination. Then it occurred to me that Melissa, Carol and Todd could ALSO be all in his head. The show is called The Last Man on Earth. It seems an odd title for a show that keeps bringing in new characters. Unless the other characters aren’t real at all.


Which would be very very sad. Even in his imagination he still doesn’t get the pretty girl and is not happy. I mean I like Carol but he doesn’t seem to and they definitely aren’t compatible. That’s a weird imagination to have.


Then again this is the guy that still talks to a bar full of sports balls after he has other people to talk to. So, nothing is shocking.


The show did get renewed for a second season, though. So, if it all turns out to be in his head I imagine we won’t find that out anytime soon.


In Pranks For Nothing Phil tries to cover his lies to….well everyone. He does this by continuing to lie. Because he is Phil. Who is an ass.


The Last Man On Earth airs on Sundays at 9pm on FOX.

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