TV Review: Secrets & Lies Episode 107 “The Cop”

The story progresses as Ben finds out more information about Cornell and plugs up the leak in the crime lab that resulted in the press (and his family) finding out that Tom was Ben’s son.


I really do love how this show has stayed consistent in character personalities, story progression and in quality. That is something I always get annoyed with in television shows – inconsistency. It’s my biggest pet peeve.


I have noticed lately that the mini-series remakes of foreign TV shows are better than most long run TV shows. I guess it’s much easier to make 6 to 12 great episodes of a show that already has source material than it is to make 100+ really good original episodes. It just sort of sucks that there are these great shows that don’t last very long.

secrets and lies

Secrets and Lies airs on Sundays at 9pm on ABC

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