TV Review: Once Upon A Time Episode 419 “Sympathy for the De Vil”

We get Cruella’s story. Unlike most of the villain’s backstories in this case we do not end up with sympathy for the villain. Which is odd considering the title of the episode.


I actually liked this episode. I don’t like the theme of darkness being killing to protect the ones you love, though. I don’t think that is evil. It may not be exactly the epitome of perfect morals but..I mean…people that kill to protect others are usually considered to be heroes. Only this show thinks that killing is always evil.


That aside this episode was finally interesting. I liked the break in formula. It’s been a pretty standard pattern of make every villain sympathetic. So, this change was pretty awesome.

once upon a time

Although, Cruella randomly having magical powers when she never has before in the stories is…odd. I do remember something about the sequel book having magical dogs in it…or something like that. So, I guess magic has appeared in the story but not a Cruella with magical powers to control animals.


I’m hoping this episode is a sign of good things to come and the writers keep taking unexpected twists with the story. It’s been so predictable for so long.


Once Upon A Time airs Sundays at 8pm on ABC


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