TV Review: Secrets & Lies Episode 108 “The Son”

Ben finally remembers what happened the night that Tom died.

I’m going to try to write this in a way that doesn’t spoil anything. Its hard to write spoiler-free reviews for this or any mystery based show. I can’t promise I won’t give away anything but I will try my best to keep the spoilers minimal.


There hasn’t been an episode of this show that I didn’t like. They have all been engrossing and each has gave a new little piece of the puzzle. I liked the piece that this episode gave and I hope it won’t be refuted later.

I really like Ben. I don’t exactly understand his wife’s problem. Yes, I understand she is upset that he cheated but I don’t think that was the beginning of their problems. I don’t know that she is necessarily evil or anything but I can’t help that I really dislike her. At least from the point of view we are being given she is being unreasonable with how she is acting and the way she is treating Ben.


Ben’s decisions haven’t all been good. He is a flawed character but that is why I like him. He has good and bad traits. Christy however…I’m sure she has good traits but we don’t really get to see them.

It’s really hard not to look up who the murdered was on the original series. I’m not doing it. I am extremely tempted, though. The show only has two more episodes and I’m going to hold out and find out what happens when the episodes of this series air.


Secrets & Lies airs on Sundays at 9pm on ABC

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