TV Review: Supernatural Episode 1018 “The Book of the Damned”

Yaaay Charlie is back!! I like Charlie. I wish she would become a regular character.


Charlie finds the Book of the Damned. A book created by a woman that locked herself away alone for decades after having “visions of darkness”. The book is made from her skin and written in her blood and no one seems able to translate it. But a family is now after Charlie and the book. She calls Sam and Dean looking for safety after being shot. Meanwhile, Castiel and Metatron look for Castiel’s grace.


Hmm. Well, this episode isn’t the best use of Charlie. Although, meeting Castiel is pretty amusing. The weird montage at the end is just confusing and takes way to long to get to the reveal of who Sam is talking to.

supernatural botd

I feel like this could have been better as a two part episode. Then they could have cut out the weird montage that felt more like a “the road so far” montage than it does part of an actual episode.


This was the first episode I have seen since I got caught up with the show and can watch them as they air. I wasn’t thrilled with it. It just felt rushed. They tried to cram to much in to one episode and the result was that nothing was conveyed the way it should have.


I’ve also just watched a lot of episode back and back and I’m sick of the whole Mark of Cain thing. I figure it will be tied up by the end of the season, though.


Supernatural airs Wednesdays at 9pm on CW

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