TV REVIEW: The Last Man on Earth Episode 110 “Moved To Tampa”

Phil again acts like a dick.


After finding out that he was only married to Carol for 3 weeks and that they are now divorced, Gale and Erica express interest in Phil.


Todd mentions a fear of losing Melissa. She doesn’t love him. So, he thinks he could lose her if more guys show up. Phil assures him no one else will show up…


….but he goes and changes one of his billboards to “Moved to Tampa” just in case.


Only he gets stuck on the billboard when his ladder falls (and he is unaware that there is a built-in ladder on the back of the billboard).


He is rescued by a new guy….a handsome guy…also named Phil Miller (?) that all the girls are immediately attracted too.


*sigh* so much with the stereotypes. I hate how the women characters are written. Now they’re all catty to each other and competing for guys attention. And of course they like the new hot guy.

Lastman one arth1

I don’t expect much from this show as far as character depth goes but I am getting sick of the female stereotypes.


The Last Man on Earth airs Sunday’s at 930pm (sometimes at 9pm when they air double episodes) on FOX.


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