TV Review: Forever Episode 121 “The Night in Question”


Season one of Forever is winding down. This is the next to last episode and it hasn’t been renewed for a second season yet. It does seem to have a pretty loyal and loud fan base. Which will hopefully earn it some points.

If it isn’t renewed I hope they at least wrap up the storyline. I hate when shows are left with a ton of loose story threads.

Speaking of loose story threads, in this episode Henry and Abe investigate what happened to Abigail after she disappeared.


The episode is a bittersweet tribute to love and loyalty. Henry’s love for Abigail is sweet and her equal love for him is touching even if the bitter irony of her death is hard to watch. When really thought about, though, there a much worse ways to die. She believed (and may still be correct) that she died protecting the man she loved and she knew he would do the same for her (if he could).


Adam’s end game is still unclear. That is the thread I suppose the finale will have to tie up. As well as exactly why and how both he and Henry were cursed/blessed to begin with. I don’t really think they’ll be able to tie everything up in one episode and I expect them to focus on Adam and probably on Jo and Henry’s potential.

I don’t really have any interest in Jo and Henry hooking up. I liked the dominatrix as a love interest for Henry  much better. I do think he should tell Jo his secret, though. I think she would be loyal friend to him and that is what he really needs, a friend, not a love interest. It would seem much to fast to rush him into a love story right now so soon after he found out what happened to Abigail. It would feel wrong to me. Maybe if the show does get picked up they could explore potential with Jo next season but I really think it would be wrong to rush into that now.


I really hope it gets a second season.


Forever airs on Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.


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