TV Review: iZombie Episode 106 “Virtual Reality Bites”

I really like Lowell. I hope he isn’t evil. I also hope he doesn’t die. He is cute and seems very sweet. And apparently he is in a band.

But why can’t he play live anymore? If zombies can take anxiety meds for the symptoms of disorders they acquire from the brains that they eat then why can’t they take meds to curb the effects of adrenaline on their appetite? That should really occur to them. Especially Liv, she’s a doctor…


Anyway, in this episode Liv ends up with crippling agoraphobia after she eats the brain of a reclusive computer hacker. Which results in her having to cancel her date with recently discovered zombie, Lowell.

That’s ok, though. Lowell makes up for it by bringing her anxiety meds and looking absolutely adorable.


See? Adorable.

Sorry for the fangirl rambling but I mean…it IS a CW show. It’s geared toward teenagers.. specifically teenage girls. That has been the target audience for CW shows since before the CW existed and it was WB and Buffy and Dawson’s Creek were on the air. They want girls to squeal over the cute boys and thats why they cast guys that look like Bradley James. So…I guess they have succeeded.


I do give the show some major points for not completely buying into gamer stereotypes. They do use some of them. Reclusive hacker guy, lonely guys with no girlfriends etc etc but they also show that different types of people play games….sort of…Okay they really don’t show that at all. Liv makes fun of them and acts like girls don’t play games and Major only plays the game because he is depressed about Liv being with Lowell. Oh I said…these shows exist so we can look at the pretty boys…not to make realistic social commentary.

It’s a good show. I actually like it specifically because it isn’t really deep or trying to send any kind of message. Its light fun. I like fun.


iZombie airs on Tuesdays at 9pm on CW.


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