TV Review: One Big Happy Episodes 104-106

I had no intention to watching anymore of this show. It’s not good. It’s not even a little bit good. It’s actually kind of horrible but I needed background noise while I wrote another review so when Hulu+ started playing the newest episode I let it play. Then I watched the two previous episodes. It’s still horrible.

I think it’s being horrible on purpose.  Two & a Half Men has ended and the role “horrible guilty pleasure sitcom” needs to be filled. One Big Happy wants to fill that space.

The problem with this being that Two & a Half Men was actually funny. It also did a better job of showing that it knew how horrible it was. If One Big Happy gets a bit more tongue in cheek it could maybe pull off “horrible on purpose” but as it is it just seems like its trying really hard to be funny and failing.

But its like watching a train wreck. It’s not yet awful enough to be boring or painful and its hard to look away once it starts. Which is why it is getting decent ratings and why it will probably get renewed. *sigh*

One Big Happy comes on Tuesdays at 9:30pm on NBC

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